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10 Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service in 2024

With lots of different AI chatbots out there for customer service, it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. You want a chatbot that can give fast and reliable answers to easy questions from your customers, but you need to find the best one. In this article, I’ll make picking one easier by telling you about the best AI chatbots. These can help your customer service team be more efficient and provide help to customers any time of the day.

How to Choose AI Chatbots for Customer Service

Picking the right AI chatbot can make talking to customers easier and handle lots of questions without a sweat.

When you’re looking for the best AI chatbot for your team, think about these points:

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
    • Start by figuring out what you need the chatbot to do that you can’t do now. This helps you know what features the chatbot should have.
  2. Who will use it?
    • Think about who needs the chatbot. Is it just for the customer service team, or does everyone need it? This will help you figure out how many people need to use it and if it should be easy for everyone or super fast for just a few experts.
  3. What other tools does it need to work with?
    • List the tools you already use, like accounting or customer management software. Decide if the chatbot needs to work with these tools or if it can replace them.
  4. What outcomes are important?
    • Think about what you want the chatbot to achieve. Maybe you want to see how well your team is doing or improve how you serve customers. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you choose the right chatbot.
  5. How it fits into your organization:
    • Look at how your team works and find a chatbot that fits into your current processes. Just because a chatbot is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for your company.

Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service Reviews

Here, I’ve listed the top 10 AI chatbots that are great for helping with customer service. For each chatbot, I’ve written a short description of what it does best and included a picture so you can see what it looks like.

If you want more options, there are 22 extra AI chatbots listed below that you can check out too.

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1. Guru

Guru is a tool that helps companies organize all their important information in one place so everyone can find answers fast. It’s like having a super-smart helper that knows everything about your company and can give you answers right away.

Guru works really well because it:

  • Finds information fast: When you ask something, it gives you answers that fit the situation you’re in.
  • Works with tools you already use: You can use Guru with other programs like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chrome without having to switch around.

Special Features of Guru:

  • AI Suggest: This feature uses AI to suggest helpful information from your company’s data based on what you’re looking at on your computer.
  • Knowledge Triggers: Guru will show you information automatically if certain things happen on a webpage, like if you go to a specific website.
  • Easy to use with other tools: It fits right into tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more, making it easy to access from wherever you work.

Guru can be used with: Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, Gmail, and Outlook.

Learn More about Guru


2. PartnerHero

PartnerHero is a company that helps other businesses handle their customer service. They do a lot of things including helping customers, fixing tech problems, keeping things safe, checking content, and using AI and technology to make things easier.

What PartnerHero Does with AI Chatbots:

  • They create AI chatbots to help businesses manage their customer service better.
  • These chatbots can talk to customers, help human agents, and organize information.
  • The chatbots make it easier to handle tasks, improve talks with customers, and make each customer feel special.
  • Some extra cool stuff they do includes designing chat conversations, connecting the chatbot to other software smoothly, and keeping an eye on how the chatbot is doing.

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Getting Started:

  • You can bring your own chatbot and let PartnerHero’s experts make it better, or they can make a brand new chatbot just for you.

PartnerHero also works well with other tools:

  • They connect with LiveChat for chatting with customers, Google Workspace for working together in a team, Salesforce for managing customer relationships, Intercom for chatting in a personal way with customers, and Freshdesk for handling customer support through different channels like email and social media.

Learn more about partnerhero

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho’s Zia is not just a regular chatbot. It can also help with tasks like placing or changing an order just by following what the customer says.

The cool part about Zia is that it can turn all the information it gathers into pictures and lists. This makes it easier for you to see and understand the details.

Zia is also really easy to use because of its simple design. The cost starts at $14 per user each month, and you can try it out for free for 15 days.


4. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a program that helps businesses talk to their customers better and keep track of visitors on their websites. You can chat with people visiting your site right away using a chat box that you can make look like your brand. You can also set up automatic messages and make sure chats go to the right team member based on what the visitor is doing.

It’s easy to use and set up. Here are some cool things about it:

  • See what visitors type before they send it: This helps you understand what they need and answer them faster.
  • Chatbots: You can set up chatbots that handle simple questions, so your team has more time for tougher problems.

Zoho SalesIQ costs $7 per person using it each month, but you can try it free for 15 days to see if you like it.

Learn more about Zoho SalesIQ

CoSupport AI

5. CoSupport AI

CoSupport AI is a special chatbot made to help with customer service on any communication channel. It answers simple questions quickly and accurately without needing a person, which lets human agents handle the more complex questions. This helps businesses handle more customer support without extra cost.

CoSupport AI is smart because:

  • It uses advanced AI models: This helps it give very precise answers based on what customers are asking and information from outside sources.
  • It pulls data on-the-fly: It can grab up-to-date information when needed, using a method called Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).
  • It always stays current: The chatbot is always updated with the latest, most relevant information.

In January 2024, CoSupport AI got a patent for its smart way of helping customers, making it stand out from other tools. It’s known for:

  • Quick answers: It responds fast to customers.
  • Trained for specific products: It’s taught to know a lot about specific items or services, making its answers very accurate.
  • Affordable and safe: It offers a cost-effective way to manage data securely and keeps customer information private.

Works well with others: CoSupport AI fits easily with your existing customer relationship management systems like Zendesk or Freshdesk, and it works smoothly with how you already talk to customers.

Pricing and demos: You can ask CoSupport AI for prices and they also offer a free demo to try it out.


6. Neople

Neople is a tool that helps teams do everyday tasks faster by using digital helpers called ‘Neoples.’ These digital helpers are great at customer support jobs like sorting tickets, finding orders, and handling returns because they use AI technology.

Here’s what makes Neople’s digital helpers special:

  • Customizable: You can teach them about your company’s products and common questions, so they give accurate and helpful answers.
  • Match Your Style: They talk in a way that sounds like your company, keeping all customer chats consistent.
  • Fits Right In: They work well with tools your company already uses, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and customer service programs like Trengo and Zendesk. This makes it easy for your team to start using them without needing to learn something new.

Cost and Demo:

  • Neople starts at $1,597 a month. You can ask for a demo to see how it works.

7. Stonly

Stonly is a tool that helps customer service teams do their job better by giving them interactive guides, decision trees, and AI-powered answers. It’s known for quickly solving problems for both the people working in customer support and the customers themselves, making it a great tool for creating helpful, easy-to-follow content.

What’s special about Stonly:

  • Interactive Guides: Instead of just chatting using text, Stonly lets you make guides that people can click through step-by-step. This is really helpful for tricky problems, teaching new users, or any time someone needs clear, visual help. You can add pictures, videos, and even make the guide change depending on what the user needs at that moment.
  • More personal: It offers a more personalized and engaging way to help users compared to typical chatbots.

Easy to combine with other tools: Stonly works well with many other apps like Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more, which helps teams share information and work better together.

Cost: Stonly starts at $99 a month if you pay for the year upfront, and there’s a 14-day free trial to try it out.


8. Conversica

Conversica is a tool that helps marketing and sales teams talk to potential customers when they first become interested. It also works with a program called Salesforce.

Key Feature:

  • A/B Testing: This lets you send different messages to different groups of potential customers based on the information the tool gathers.


  • Starts at $2,999 a month. You can try it out with a free demo to see if you like it.

9. Netomi

One of the big pluses of using Netomi is that it works really well with other tools like Zendesk Chat, Salesforce Chat, and LivePerson. This means it can connect easily and help companies use their own information guides to quickly answer questions with bots.

Netomi is also great because it can instantly solve many problems by finding what people are saying on social media. They don’t list prices on their website, but you can ask for a free demo to see how it works.


10. Intercom

Intercom is a tool that helps with three main things: helping customers with their questions (conversational support), keeping people interested (conversational engagement), and promoting products (conversational marketing). You can use Intercom on your phone, whether it’s an iPhone or Android, so you can get information wherever you are.

Intercom also works inside other apps, especially if they’re built with Ionic React or Native React, so it can help users across different platforms.

Costs and Trials:

  • Intercom starts at $59 per month.
  • You can try it free for 14 days, and they also offer a free demo to show you how it works.
Other AI Chatbots for Customer Service

Other AI Chatbots for Customer Service:



Check out Drift for customer service solutions.

Jitbit Helpdesk


Explore Jitbit Helpdesk for helpdesk solutions.



Try Kommunicate for customer service interactions.



Ushur offers AI solutions for customer service.

IBM Watson Assistant


IBM Watson Assistant provides AI-driven customer service tools.



Discover UDESK for efficient customer service.



Tidio offers chat solutions for customer service.



Use Freshchat for engaging customer service.

HubSpot CRM


HubSpot CRM integrates customer service chatbots.



LiveHelpNow provides solutions for live customer support.



LivePerson offers advanced AI for customer interactions.



Explore Heyday for AI-driven customer service.



LiveChat offers efficient customer service tools.

Replicant Voice


Check out Replicant Voice for voice-based customer support.

Kindly Assist


Try Kindly Assist for customer service interactions.



Bold360 offers comprehensive customer service solutions.

LiveAgent with Quriobot


LiveAgent with Quriobot provides live chat support.

Jetlink Conversational AI Platform


Jetlink offers conversational AI for customer service.



Explore Odus for AI-driven customer interactions.

HappyFox Chatbot


HappyFox Chatbot offers efficient customer service solutions.

Comm100 Chatbot


Comm100 Chatbot provides reliable customer support.


Check out for AI-driven customer service.

How I Chose the Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service

Choosing the best AI chatbots for customer service took a lot of work. I started by looking at chatbots that had really good reviews from customers. Then, I used my experience to pick the best ones based on important features they needed to have.

What I Looked for in a Great AI Chatbot:

  • Core Features (25% of score): I looked for chatbots that could do more than just basic chats. They needed to understand and respond like a human would, be available 24/7, and get better from talking to people.
  • Extra Cool Features (25% of score): Some chatbots can do really neat stuff like talk or even use augmented reality. I also checked if they work well with other business tools like CRM systems.
  • Easy to Use (10% of score): The chatbot should be easy for your team to set up and manage, and it should be simple for customers to use.
  • Getting Started (10% of score): Good chatbots come with helpful training and support to help you start using them.
  • Customer Support (10% of score): The best chatbots have great support teams that help you whenever you need it and keep making the chatbot better.
  • Value for Money (10% of score): I compared prices to make sure you get good features for what you pay and that there are no hidden costs.
  • Customer Reviews (10% of score): I looked at what other customers said about how easy the chatbot is to use and how well it works.

Integrations: It’s also important that the chatbot works well with the technology you already use in your business.

This careful look at each chatbot’s features, how it works with other tools, and what customers think about it helped me choose the best AI chatbots for customer service. These chatbots can really help businesses by making things more efficient and improving how customers experience their service.

Companies want to make their customer service better, and AI chatbots are a big part of this. Here are some new ways AI chatbots are improving customer service:

  • Understanding Feelings: New AI chatbots can figure out how customers are feeling just by the way they talk. This helps the chatbots give answers that feel more understanding and relevant, making customers happier.
  • Talking to Chatbots: Now, you can talk to chatbots just like you would talk to Siri or Alexa. This makes it easier for everyone to use chatbots, even if typing isn’t their thing.
  • Fairness in AI: Companies are making sure their chatbots are fair to everyone. They’re working on removing any unfair biases so that the chatbot treats all users equally.
  • Doing More Complex Jobs: AI chatbots are not just for answering simple questions anymore. They can now do harder tasks like processing orders, scheduling appointments, or solving problems, all without needing a human to help.
  • Learning and Getting Better: The latest chatbots learn from every conversation. They get better and more accurate over time, which means they keep improving how they help customers.

These trends are all about making AI chatbots smarter, more sensitive to emotions, and more helpful in everyday customer service. For people working in customer experience, using these new chatbot features means they can make things run more smoothly and keep customers engaged.

The Best AI Chatbot for Customer Service: Price Comparison Chart

This chart shows you simple information about the best AI chatbot for customer service. You can see how much they cost and whether they offer free trials or demos. This will help you choose the right one for your budget and what your business needs.

Tool Pricing Table

Tools and Pricing:

Tools Price
Guru From $10/user/month
Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution to help teams create, share, access, and update information.
PartnerHero From $10/hour
PartnerHero offers tailored outsourcing services for startups and scaling companies.
Zoho Desk From $20/user/month
Zoho Desk is a context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.
Zoho SalesIQ From $7/operator/month
Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat and visitor tracking software for your business.
CoSupport AI Pricing upon request
CoSupport AI provides AI-driven customer support solutions tailored to your needs.
Neople From $1,597/month
Neople offers advanced customer service solutions for large enterprises.
Stonly From $99/month (billed annually)
Stonly helps you create interactive guides and knowledge bases to improve customer experience.
Conversica From $2999/month
Conversica provides AI-driven sales and customer success solutions to automate lead contact.
Netomi No price details
Netomi offers AI-powered customer service platforms to automate and resolve issues.
Intercom From $74/month (billed annually)
Intercom is a customer communications platform with live chat, bots, and more.

What is an AI Chatbot for Customer Service?

AI chatbots for customer service are like digital helpers that automatically answer questions from customers. They work through the internet and you can add them to your website. When someone visits your site, they can type questions into a chat box and the chatbot will respond as if they are talking to a real person.

These chatbots are set up to handle questions in a way that fits your company, so they can give the right kind of help.

Benefits of using an AI chatbot:

  • Cuts costs: You don’t need as many staff to answer questions.
  • Faster replies: It answers customers right away, no waiting.
  • Always available: It can chat with customers any time of the day, even at night or on weekends.
  • Speaks many languages: It can talk to customers in different languages.
  • Gets better over time: It learns from past chats to improve how it helps people.

AI chatbots can handle more customer questions as your company grows, without needing to hire more people.

Features of an AI Chatbot for Customer Service

AI chatbots are changing how we help customers by answering their questions quickly and consistently. Here are the main features that make AI chatbots really useful for customer service:

  • No-code chatbot builder: This lets anyone set up a chatbot easily without needing much tech know-how. It’s super helpful because even small businesses can use it without needing a big IT team.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): This means the chatbot can understand and respond to the way humans naturally talk. It helps the chatbot make sense of different kinds of questions and answer them like a human would.
  • Comprehensive knowledge database: The chatbot has a big pool of information it can pull from to answer questions. This reduces the need for a human to step in and answer.
  • Omnichannel compatibility: The chatbot can work across different ways customers might want to reach out, like texting, live chat, or social media. This makes sure customers can get help however they prefer.
  • Templates for conversation workflows: There are ready-made conversation paths that help the chatbot know how to respond in different situations. This speeds up setting up the chatbot and keeps the answers consistent.
  • Self-learning capabilities: The chatbot gets smarter over time by learning from past conversations. This means it gets better at helping customers the more it’s used.
  • Integration capabilities: The chatbot can connect with systems that manage customer information, which helps it give more personalized help.
  • Multilingual support: The chatbot can talk to customers in many languages, which is great for businesses that work in different parts of the world.
  • Sentiment analysis: The chatbot can understand if a customer is happy or upset and change its responses to fit the mood.
  • User-friendly dashboard and analytics: There’s a dashboard that shows how well the chatbot is doing and where it can improve. This helps keep making the chatbot better.

Using an AI chatbot with these features has really improved how we help our customers. It makes our work more efficient and ensures we can always provide great service. As we keep using AI, these features help us get better at understanding and satisfying our customers in every chat.


Businesses are changing how they talk to customers by using service chatbots. These chatbots make the experience better because they’re fast, personal, and creative. Our top choice for 2024 is ChatBot. You can check it out with a free 14-day trial here.

ChatBot is great because:

  • It’s quick and right on point: It gives fast and accurate answers using AI, so you don’t have to wait long.
  • Easy to set up: You don’t need to know how to code to start using it.

Why ChatBot is awesome:

  • Always there to help: It can offer help any time of the day, all week, without needing a break.
  • Works on its own: It doesn’t rely on big companies like OpenAI or Google Bard to work.
  • Keeps your data safe: All the information is kept secure on its own system.

These features make ChatBot a top choice for businesses that want to make their customer service better while keeping data safe and improving how things run.

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