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20 Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompt Tips

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use NovelAI to make awesome images, just like the ones you see in ads. NovelAI helps you create pictures by just telling it what you want.

When you start using NovelAI, you’ll see it’s pretty easy to get the pictures you want.

We’ve tried a lot of different ways to use NovelAI, and now we know the best novelai image generation prompt tips to help you make your pictures look even better. Let’s get started!

What Is AI Image Prompts?

An image prompt is a picture that lets you click on different parts to pick what you want the picture to include.

You can use a tool called Novel AI to create cool pictures with these prompts. But, to use Novel AI, you need to buy a plan or have a special key called a NovelAI gift key.

NovelAI Image Generation Prompt Tips

Check out these NovelAI image generation prompt tips for getting the best results:

Be Clear: When describing what you want your image to look like, don’t just stick to the tags given. Feel free to be very specific about what you want.

Use Brackets for Emphasis: If you want to really focus on something in your image, like the color red, you can make it stand out by using brackets. For example, type {{{{Red}}}}.

Remember to Save Your Images: NovelAI doesn’t keep the images after you close it, so make sure to save any pictures you like right away, or they will be gone.

Novel AI Prompt Guide

When you use an AI to help you create pictures, how you set up your prompt really matters: ⬇️

Novel AI Prompt Guide

Prompt Guidance

This setting controls how closely the AI follows your instructions. If you set it high, the AI will stick closely to what you ask for, but be careful because if it’s too high, it might not work well. Setting it lower lets the AI be more creative and relaxed in its style.

Unwanted Content Strength

This tool helps make sure your pictures don’t include anything you don’t want. It’s available in the V2 and V3 versions of the AI.

Quick Guidance Rescale

In the V3 model, it’s usually better to use lower settings. But if you want the colors to be less intense or too bright, you can adjust this setting to tone them down.


This is another tool you can find next to the Prompt Guidance. It fixes visual issues and helps correct colors in pictures, especially if you’ve used a high Prompt Guidance setting. But you can use it at any setting level.

Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompts

Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompts

Anime NovelAI Image Prompts

  • Picture an anime girl with flowing hair and bright blue eyes, standing in a field full of flowers.
  • Imagine anime friends having a good time around a campfire, chatting and laughing.
  • Close-up of an anime character’s eyes, showing a lot of emotion and detail.
  • A wide-open anime landscape with mountains, rivers, and forests.
  • Anime characters in exciting action poses, fighting against a powerful enemy.

Fantasy NovelAI Image Prompts

  • A majestic dragon flying high in the sky with its wings wide open.
  • A group of adventurers exploring a dark, mysterious dungeon.
  • An elf maiden sitting peacefully among trees in a forest clearing.
  • A powerful wizard casting a spell with lightning and energy swirling around.
  • A knight fighting a dragon with sparks flying as their swords clash.

Sci-fi NovelAI Image Prompts

  • Tall skyscrapers and flying cars zooming through the sky in a futuristic city.
  • Astronauts exploring a weird, alien planet.
  • A close look at a robot’s face showing all its complex circuits.
  • A huge spaceship in a battle with laser beams and explosions against enemy ships.
  • Alien spies walking around a human city, looking just like humans.

Realism NovelAI Image Prompts

  • A super detailed and realistic portrait of a human face, showing every tiny imperfection.
  • A beautiful photograph of mountains, a river, and forests.
  • A close-up photo of a flower, showing all the fine details of its petals.
  • A dramatic and intense scene from a historical event.
  • The raw beauty and power of a wild animal in its natural setting.

You can use these NovelAI image generation prompt tips. Now, let’s see what people usually ask about this topic.

NovelAI Prompt Settings Guide

Setting for NovelAI Prompt

Follow these steps in this NovelAI image generation tips guide to set them up.

1. Steps:

Think of steps like how long the AI spends making your picture better. Starting with 28 steps is a good idea because you won’t be charged extra unless you use more than that. If you like what you see, you can try adding more steps to improve it even further.

2. Scale:

The scale helps control how closely the AI follows your instructions. A higher number means it sticks closer to what you ask for, while a lower number lets the AI be more creative and surprise you. Try starting with a scale between 5 and 15, but if you like surprises, use a scale around 4 to 7.

3. Sampling:

Sampling is like the AI’s way of thinking about your picture. Some settings give you more predictable results, while others can be more artistic.

4. Seed:

Think of the seed like the initial rough sketch. If you start with the same seed and settings as someone else, you can end up with a picture that looks almost exactly like theirs.

5. Analogy:

Imagine you’re sculpting a dragon from a big block of wood. If the piece is too small, it might not work out. But you can always start over with a new piece if you need to.

That’s a basic guide on how to use NovelAI to create images. You can play around with these settings to see how they change your final picture!

Overview of Starting Templates for NovelAI Image Creation

Overview of Starting Templates for NovelAI Image Creation

Generic Template Example

Here’s a basic example to start with. You can change it to fit what you need:

Picture Description: A girl with beautiful eyes, illustrated in a movie-like style, very detailed, and of the highest quality.

Things to Avoid in Your Picture

  • Don’t include artist names, blurry parts, usernames, watermarks, or signatures.
  • Avoid pictures that are too grainy, of low quality, or parts of the image being cut off.
  • Make sure the picture doesn’t have extra or missing fingers, badly drawn hands, or any incorrect body parts.

Tips for Using Image Tags

You can play around with different tags to make your image more interesting:

Examples of Tags: exquisitely, detailed, hyper, intricate, wonderful, accuracy, amazing, wonder, finely, super.

How to Avoid Unwanted Changes in Images

If you’re noticing too many weird changes in the images like extra body parts or bad proportions, here are some tags you can use to avoid those:

  • For the whole body: avoid tags like poorly drawn, mutated, or unnatural body shapes.
  • For hands and face: look out for tags that might create extra or malformed parts.
  • For legs: be careful of tags that could add extra feet or change the shape of the legs.

How to Get the Best Results From NovelAI Image Generation

If you’re not happy with the pictures you get from NovelAI, you can improve them by adding words like “high quality,” “best quality,” or “masterpiece” to your requests. This tells the program to make better pictures.

How to Write a Prompt

How Do You Write a Prompt

Start with a big idea

Begin by explaining the main topic so it’s clear what the picture should be about.

Think of your own ideas

Try to connect your own thoughts and feelings to the topic.

Describe your request

Explain what you want in the picture, why you want it, and who it’s for.


We’ve talked about 20 best NovelAI image generation prompt tips to help you make better images with NovelAI.

Keep trying new things, make your prompts better, and check out different ideas to stay ahead in making images with AI.

These tips will help you get better at creating pictures for your stories and designs.
If you don’t want to pay for NovelAI, you can look for free options that work like NovelAI.


How do you use NovelAI to make images?

🌟 Go to the Image Generation page on NovelAI.
🌟 Pick a model to use.
🌟 Type in what you want the image to show.
🌟 Change the settings if you want.
🌟 Click the “Generate” button to make your image.

Which AI is best for making images?

NightCafe is really good for creating images.

What is “undesired content” in NovelAI?

In NovelAI, “undesired content” is a place where you can list things you don’t want the AI to include in your images.

What kind of tags does NovelAI use?

NovelAI uses different tags to help make better images. These include Quality tags, Aesthetic tags, Year tags, and Renamed tags.

How do you get good pictures on NovelAI?

To get nice pictures on NovelAI, make sure you understand how to use it. Use the tags and settings properly, follow the instructions for what to type, and try out different ideas.

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