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Is Character AI safe? Top 5 major risk in 2024

Want to know is character AI safe? Learn about character AI and how to make your chats more personal.

Have you ever wanted to have an exciting chat over dinner with your favorite fictional character or a celebrity you look up to? Whether you’re into superheroes, science, or just bringing your fantasies to life, there’s a way to make this dream feel more natural.

In our world full of technology, there’s a lot of talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence), like Character. AI. You might be wondering, “Is Character AI safe?” In this article, we will explore how safe it is, what privacy steps it takes, and what risks might be involved. So, let’s find out if Character AI is safe to use.

What is Character AI?

Character.ai is a service where you chat with an intelligent computer program that learns from many texts and can answer questions.

You can create characters that are either real or made up and talk to them.

It’s free to use, but if you want quicker replies and other cool features, you can pay for a premium account called c.ai+.

Is Character AI Safe?

Yes, you need to sign up to use the service, but don’t worry; it’s free, and you won’t have to pay anything. The company might start showing ads and tracking user data in the future, but they’re still waiting to do that.

If you ever want to stop using it, you can quickly delete your account. This AI tool is safe because it uses SSL encryption, which protects your information. Also, there’s a team that checks everything to make sure no one breaks the rules. If you see something that shouldn’t be there, you can report it.

Character AI: Data Safety Concern

Character.AI is safe and trustworthy. They use reasonable security practices and clearly explain their rules and privacy policies. But, like other AI chatbots, Character.AI can see your chats and personal information to improve its answers. Don’t worry—they won’t share your information unless they have to do so by law or stop fraud.

character AI robot

Top 5 Risks of Using Character AI

Character AI can bring up some significant risks in the future. Here’s what you should know:

1. Privacy Issues

Character.AI might invade your privacy. It creates real characters that could use your personal information without asking, making people wonder who really owns that information.

2. Security Risks

The chats you have with Character AI aren’t totally private. Even though the platform tries to keep things safe, it doesn’t protect your chats like some messaging apps do. This means the company can see your chats if they need to. Plus, Character AI keeps your chat history so you can pick up where you left off.

3. Seeing Bad Content

There’s a risk of seeing inappropriate stuff with Character AI, especially for kids. Since these AIs learn from many different sources, sometimes destructive content slips through, even with filters.

4. Too Much Dependence on AI

Using AI might make us less creative and weaken our ability to think critically and trust our gut feelings. It’s important to balance how much we rely on AI and how much we feel for ourselves.

5. Fake Identities

Character.AI could be used to fake someone’s identity online. The very realistic characters it creates could be used to make fake profiles or trick people into believing things that aren’t true. This can lead to scams or spreading false information using someone else’s name. It’s essential to be careful and protect your personal information.

What Are Character AI’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Character.AI’s privacy policy explains how the platform handles your information, such as your name, email, IP address, and chat topics.

Character.AI collects this information to improve its service. It promises not to share your details with anyone else unless required by law or to prevent fraud. Character.AI also uses strong security, such as SSL encryption, to keep your data safe.

Using Character.AI is simple. You go to their website and start chatting with their AI chatbot. The chatbot talks back like a human and can have honest conversations, which is excellent if you want to get better at chatting or want to have fun.

Character AI Terms of Service

The terms are rules between you and Character Technologies Inc. about their website (Character.AI) and mobile app. These rules also apply to everything you can do on the website and app, called the “Services.”

It’s essential to read these rules because they explain your legal rights and tell you what you can and can’t do. If you need help understanding or disagree with the rules, you shouldn’t use the Services.

When you use the Services, you agree to these rules and to follow them.

Character AI Privacy Policy

Character.AI gives you choices about how your information is used. For example, suppose you live in certain U.S. states like Colorado or Virginia. In that case, you cannot let companies use your personal info for ads explicitly targeting you. In California, a CCPA rule also enables you to say no to companies selling or sharing your info.

Character.AI uses outside companies to help analyze how their site is used and to show ads. This might mean sharing information like online identifiers (like digital “name tags” for your device) with these companies. If you don’t want ads tailored to your interests, you can manage this by changing your browser’s cookies or the settings on your mobile devices.

Some groups help you opt out of these tailored ads. Remember, opting out works only on the specific device and browser you use to set it up. If you delete your cookies, you might have to opt-out again because the settings can be reset. Even if you opt out, you’ll still see ads that must be more closely matched to your interests. Character.AI doesn’t control these opt-out tools directly and might still use your data for other things, as mentioned in their Privacy Policy.

Does Character.ai Save Your Chats?

Character AI differs from ChatGPT because it lets you create and talk to various chatbots, some of which can act like real people. However, Character AI does save your chat history. This means that if you want to continue a conversation later, it remembers what you said.

When you use the Beta version of Character AI, the company’s employees can see your chats because they’re not hidden or encrypted. Your conversations are stored, and the company can access them, which they mention in their privacy policy. It’s always a good idea to read the privacy policy of any app to know how your information is being used.

What Else Does Character AI Save?

Besides your chats, Character AI collects more information. It keeps details of your communications, like if you ask for help. It also saves log data, including your IP address and the device you use. The website also uses cookies, which are tiny files that help the site remember your settings and other information.

In short, according to its privacy policy, Character AI tracks how you use its service. It notes your actions, and this is something to keep in mind when using its platform.

Is the Character AI App Safe to Use?

Character.AI is considered safe to use. Users say it’s secure, and conversations are private—meaning even those who made Character.AI can’t see them. It also prevents inappropriate content from showing up.

They have rules (a privacy policy) that explain how they use your information, such as which websites you visit.

Even though they try hard to protect your information, always be careful about sharing personal information online. No website, even if it has good security, is completely safe from attacks.

Is Character.AI Safe for Mobile Use?

Yes, Character.AI is safe to use on your phone, just like on a computer. You can access it through your phone’s browser. Also, there will be an app soon to make it even easier to use on mobile. Plus, Character.AI doesn’t allow inappropriate content.


Using Character.AI’s chatbots is fun, but reading their privacy rules and terms is essential. We must use these platforms carefully to secure our privacy and safety.

We’ve already talked about whether Character.AI is safe.

AI technology changes quickly, so staying safe is really important. Learn about any risks and ways to stay safe. This helps you enjoy AI responsibly. You can also look for other options that don’t use Character AI.

FAQs on Is character AI safe.

Is Character.AI Safe to Sign Up For?

Yes, signing up for Character.AI is safe. It uses SSL encryption, which helps keep your information safe as it moves across the Internet. It also has a privacy policy that explains how your data is handled.

Do Real People Talk on Character AI?

No, no actual people are talking about Character. AI. It’s all done by computers using programming, so it’s just you and the AI chatbot.

What Can Users Do to Use Character AI Safely?

To use Character.AI safely, you can check and adjust the content settings, use filters, avoid sharing personal information, report any issues, and understand how it works.

Can Character.AI See Your Conversations?

No, the creators of the characters you talk to can’t see your conversations. The characters respond on their own as if they were real people.

Is Character AI Safe for Kids and 12-Year-Olds?

Character.AI is fun, but it’s not suitable for children under 13. It’s designed for older teens and adults between 18 and 30 because it might include adult themes.

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