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40+ Best Midjourney Logo Prompts to Create Logos with Midjourney

Thanks to the Midjourney logo generator, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a logo anymore. With the Midjourney logo prompts, you can quickly create a professional logo without any hassle.

These excellent AI tools are perfect for people starting businesses or anyone looking to save money and time. A strong brand image is crucial in today’s fast-paced business world. Your logo is like your company’s face, showing what your business stands for.

MidJourney is a groundbreaking logo design tool powered by AI that changes how companies create logos. This guide will take you through the best Midjourney prompts for logos and show you how MidJourney uses these prompts to produce unique logos.

With Midjourney logo prompts, you can easily create various logo designs that look just as professional as expertly made ones. You enter the prompts into the AI system, and it does the rest.

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI tool that turns text into images. It is famous for creating AI art, much like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E. Midjourney is different because it needs to share how it works. Still, it mainly uses machine learning, similar to stable diffusion. Using Midjourney logo prompts to design logos can give you realistic and impressive results.

Midjourney for Logo Designers

Advantages of Midjourney for Logo Designers

Midjourney AI software can create many unique logo ideas quickly, which saves time compared to traditional designers. It offers various logo styles, such as modern, classic, and creative.

This tool helps designers quickly create logos when working with clients. The design can be changed based on the client’s input, making the logo creation process faster and cheaper for both designers and customers.

Best Logo Prompt Generator

What Is the Best Logo Prompt Generator?

Midjourney is an excellent AI tool for creating logos quickly. It designs unique logos that match your brand in just a few seconds.

Create Logos with Midjourney

➡️ Here’s how to make a logo with Midjourney in five easy steps:

🌟 Step 1: Make a Logo Concept

First, develop a clear logo idea. Consider what your company stands for and the message you want it to convey. For instance, a fitness company focused on outdoor activities should use vibrant, natural colours like green to reflect energy and nature.

Avoid using images or colours that could confuse, such as indoor scenes for an outdoor fitness brand, as it might distract from your main message.

🌟 Step 2: Open Midjourney

Go to Midjourney’s website and sign in. You’ll need to use their Discord channel to create logos. Once logged in, go to the #newbies room. Start by typing /imagine in the chat to tell the bot what you want, but you can also use commands like /blend to incorporate images.

🌟 Step 3: Create a Prompt

Break down your idea into instructions that Midjourney’s AI can understand. These should guide the AI in creating the logo you envision. Be prepared to experiment with different settings and designs to get it just right.

🌟 Step 4: Logo Review and Editing

After Midjourney generates some logos, review them. If you like the design but need minor tweaks, you can adjust it. Sometimes, the text style might need improvement, but you can refine it using different tools.

🌟 Step 5: Finalize the Logo

➡️ Before finalizing:

  • Review the logo to ensure clarity and that all elements are visually appealing.
  • Confirm that the colours and details align with your brand.
  • Save the logo.

A well-designed logo can significantly impact your brand’s appeal.

What Are Midjourney Logo Creation Prompts

What Are Midjourney Logo Creation Prompts?

Midjourney is an AI-powered tool that transforms text prompts into striking visual logos, making it an excellent option for creating more generic designs. This tool is rapidly improving, and entrepreneurs increasingly find it valuable for their ventures.

Best Logo Prompts for Midjourney

➡️ Here are 30+ of the best Midjourney logo prompts.

🌟 1. The Crescent Moon

The first Midjourney logo prompt is “The Crescent Moon.” Create a logo for “The Crescent Moon” that incorporates the crescent moon and baking elements, like a loaf of bread, to represent the concept of delightful, fresh-baked goods available nightly.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “The Crescent Moon” that features a stylized crescent moon intertwined with a loaf of bread, symbolizing freshly baked, comforting treats served every evening.

🌟 2. Adventures at Mount Peak

The second Midjourney logo prompt is “Adventures at Mount Peak.” Develop a logo that captures the essence of adventure and exploration, using the image of a mountain peak to convey the challenges and triumphs of outdoor adventures.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Adventures at Mount Peak” with a prominent mountain peak, representing the spirit of adventure and the joy of exploring the great outdoors.

🌟 3. The Firebird Studio

The third Midjourney logo prompt is “The Firebird Studio.” Design a logo that features a firebird, such as a phoenix, to symbolize music’s transformative and powerful impact, much like the mythical bird that rises renewed from its ashes.

➡️ Prompt: Design an image-based logo for “The Firebird Studio” that showcases a fiery phoenix, symbolizing renewal and the profound influence of music’s power to inspire and rejuvenate.

🌟 4. The Butterfly Salon

The fourth Midjourney logo prompt is “The Butterfly Salon.” Design a logo with a stylized butterfly, symbolizing transformation and elegance, which is ideal for a beauty salon.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “The Butterfly Salon” featuring an elegant butterfly, representing beauty transformations and the delicate nature of personal care.

🌟 5. Photos of Safari

The fifth Midjourney logo prompt is “Photos of Safari.” Develop a logo incorporating a camera lens and wildlife elements to showcase the essence of safari photography.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Photos of Safari” that combines a camera lens with elements like a giraffe or elephant, capturing the adventure and uniqueness of safari photography.

🌟 6. QUANTUM Tech

The sixth Midjourney logo prompt is “QUANTUM Tech.” Create a logo integrating a digital or quantum motif, symbolizing cutting-edge technology and innovation.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “QUANTUM Tech” featuring abstract quantum elements or digital motifs representing advanced technology and futuristic concepts.

🌟 7. The Alpha Group

The seventh Midjourney logo prompt is “The Alpha Group.” Develop a logo that uses a bold, dominant letter ‘A’ or a leader wolf, symbolizing leadership and dominance in the industry.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “The Alpha Group” featuring a dominant alpha wolf or a stylized letter ‘A’, representing leadership and top-tier status in the business world.

🌟 8. The Zephyr

The eighth Midjourney logo prompt is “The Zephyr.” To represent speed and grace, Design a logo that captures the essence of wind or breeze, possibly with flowing lines or natural imagery.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “The Zephyr” that incorporates flowing, airy elements, symbolizing the speed, ease, and smoothness of a gentle breeze.

🌟 9. Pinnacle Architecture

The ninth Midjourney logo prompt is “Pinnacle Architecture.” Design a logo incorporating modern architectural elements and a mountain motif, symbolizing the peak of architectural design.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Pinnacle Architecture” featuring a stylized mountain integrated with modern architectural lines, representing innovative and top-tier design solutions.

🌟 10. Velocity Sports

The tenth Midjourney logo prompt is “Velocity Sports.” Develop a logo that captures sports’ dynamic and fast nature with motion lines or a swift animal.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Velocity Sports” with dynamic motion lines or a swift animal like a cheetah, representing speed and athletic excellence.

🌟 11. Eagle Eye

The eleventh Midjourney logo prompt is “Eagle Eye.” Create a logo that uses an eagle’s eye, symbolizing sharp vision and precision, which is ideal for a surveillance or quality assurance firm.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Eagle Eye” featuring the detailed eye of an eagle, symbolizing exceptional vision and attention to detail.

🌟 12. Lionheart FC

The twelfth Midjourney logo prompt is “Lionheart FC.” Design a logo for a football club featuring a lion, which represents bravery and leadership in sports.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Lionheart FC” featuring a bold lion, representing courage, strength, and leadership in the competitive football world.

🌟 13. An Oak Brewery

The thirteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “An Oak Brewery.” Develop a logo that combines an oak tree with beer elements, symbolizing strength and the rich flavour of traditional brews.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “An Oak Brewery” incorporating an oak tree and beer mugs or barrels, representing robust flavours and enduring brewing traditions.

🌟 14. Space Tours

The fourteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “Space Tours.” Create a logo that captures the adventure of space travel with planets and a spaceship.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Space Tours” featuring a stylized spaceship and planets, symbolizing the thrilling experience of space exploration and travel.

🌟 15. Anchor Shipping

The fifteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “Anchor Shipping.” Develop a logo that combines a ship’s anchor with a shipping container, representing reliability in maritime transport.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Anchor Shipping” that integrates a ship’s anchor with elements of shipping containers, symbolizing sturdy and dependable shipping services.

🌟 16. A Turtle Tech Company

The sixteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “A Turtle Tech Company.” Design a logo with a turtle shell pattern representing technological protection and longevity.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “A Turtle Tech Company” featuring a turtle shell pattern, symbolizing durable and protective technology solutions.

🌟 17. A Bumblebee’s Garden

The seventeenth Midjourney logo prompt is “A Bumblebee’s Garden.” Create a logo that illustrates a vibrant garden with a bumblebee, symbolizing growth and activity.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “A Bumblebee’s Garden” with a colourful garden and a bumblebee, representing a lively and flourishing environment.

🌟 18. Dessert Penguin

The eighteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “Dessert Penguin.” Develop a logo that combines a cute penguin with sweet dessert items like cakes or ice cream.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Dessert Penguin” featuring a playful penguin surrounded by desserts, symbolizing fun and sweetness in culinary delights.

🌟 19. Pizza Rocket

The nineteenth Midjourney logo prompt is “Pizza Rocket.” Design a logo that combines a rocket with pizza elements, symbolizing fast pizza delivery and excitement.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Pizza Rocket” that features a rocket made from pizza slices, representing quick delivery and the thrilling experience of enjoying pizza.

🌟 20. The Owl Store

The twentieth Midjourney logo prompt is “The Owl Store.” Develop a logo incorporating an owl, symbolizing wisdom and a wide range of knowledge-based products.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “The Owl Store” featuring an intelligent-looking owl, representing a wise and comprehensive selection of books and educational materials.

🌟 21. Infinity

The twenty-first Midjourney logo prompt is “Infinity.” Create a logo that uses the infinity symbol, possibly intertwined with elements that suggest endless possibilities or services.

➡️ Prompt: Design a logo for “Infinity” with an elegant infinity symbol, symbolizing limitless possibilities and continuous improvement.

🌟 22. Atomic Computing

The twenty-second Midjourney logo prompt is “Atomic Computing.” Design a logo with atomic or molecular motifs representing cutting-edge computing technologies.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Atomic Computing” that integrates atomic or molecular structures, symbolizing advanced and powerful computing solutions.

🌟 23. FitPulse

The twenty-third Midjourney logo prompt is “FitPulse.” Develop a logo that combines a heart rate pulse with fitness elements, symbolizing health and vitality.

➡️ Prompt: Design a logo for “FitPulse” with a heart rate line and fitness icons representing vibrant health and active lifestyles.

🌟 24. Radiant Health

The twenty-fourth Midjourney logo prompt is “Radiant Health.” Create a logo that uses radiant light or sun motifs to symbolize vitality and well-being.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Radiant Health” featuring a radiant sun or light, representing the brightness and positivity of good health.

🌟 25. The Vortex

The twenty-fifth Midjourney logo prompt is “The Vortex.” Design a logo incorporating swirling or spiral patterns, symbolizing dynamic motion and energy.

➡️ Prompt: Create a logo for “The Vortex” with swirling or spiral elements, representing dynamic movement and powerful energy.

🌟 26. Ppaariile

The twenty-sixth Midjourney logo prompt is “Ppaariile.” Develop a logo with abstract or fantasy elements, possibly suggesting a mysterious or magical service.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Ppaariile” using abstract or fantastical shapes that symbolize creativity, mystery, and enchantment.

🌟 27. Omasnese

The twenty-seventh Midjourney logo prompt is “Omasnese.” Create a logo that uses cultural or traditional motifs, suggesting heritage and authenticity.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Omasnese” that incorporates traditional patterns or symbols, representing cultural heritage and authentic experiences.

🌟 28. Perthane

The twenty-eighth Midjourney logo prompt is “Perthane.” Design a logo with robust and industrial elements, symbolizing strength and durability.

➡️ Prompt: Create a visual logo for “Perthane” featuring industrial motifs or sturdy designs, representing robustness and long-lasting quality.

🌟 29. Onnaton

The twenty-ninth Midjourney logo prompt is “Onnaton.” Develop a logo with organic or flowing shapes that suggest harmony and balance.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “Onnaton” that includes organic shapes or flowing lines, symbolizing balance, harmony, and natural beauty.


The thirtieth Midjourney logo prompt is “RACE IING.” Create a logo incorporating racing elements like speedometers or race tracks, symbolizing speed and competition.

➡️ Prompt: Design a visual logo for “RACE IING” featuring elements like speedometers or race tracks, representing high-speed competition and the thrill of racing.

For logo design, these 30+ prompts are the best.

How Can My Midjourney Logo Prompts Be Better?

It’s essential to be open to exploring different ideas for better logo designs. At first, it might seem daunting not to know precisely what you want in your designs.

Many options can be overwhelming, making it hard to start with even simple concepts. To make starting easier, begin with basic ideas.

A helpful tip is to keep adding new ideas to your initial concept. By introducing new elements, you expand your creative possibilities and improve your designs, such as different styles, colours, lighting, and settings.


That’s how you can create a complete logo using Midjourney. Older versions, like V3, were unpredictable and needed many adjustments. However, V4 and V5 are more reliable, providing results closer to what you might expect without much tweaking.

As AI design tools like Midjourney improve, we expect more designers to use them.

We’ve also listed over 30 top Midjourney logo prompts to assist you. Remember to use a promo code if you’re looking for deals on Midjourney.

Can you use Midjourney for logos?

Yes, Midjourney is excellent for creating logos. It provides an easy way to design impressive logos quickly.

Can Midjourney do graphic design?

Yes, Midjourney can assist in graphic design. It helps create detailed mood boards that display your design ideas and guide your design choices.

How do you add text to Midjourney logos?

When creating a logo in Midjourney, remember to:
Keep it simple.
Make it memorable.
Choose appropriate colors.
Ensure it’s resizable.
Maintain consistent design elements.

How to use midjourney for logo design?

To design a logo with Midjourney:
Choose the type of logo (logotype).
Name artistic styles you prefer.
Include influences from famous designers.
Explain the technique to be used.
Specify any design elements to avoid.

How do you prompt Midjourney to make a logo?

For creating logos with Midjourney, specify whether you want letter mark logos featuring the complete company name or just its initial letter. Also, describe your style preferences, like simple, serif fonts or vector logos.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo should be unique, appropriate, functional, visually appealing, and clearly communicate the intended message.

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