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Are Blink Cameras Waterproof ? The Truth is Here

Blink cameras are really popular because they are reliable, easy to use, and not too expensive. These wireless security cameras are a favourite for people wanting to make their homes or small businesses safer.

But a big question is: Can they handle getting wet?

Blink cameras are well-known for making homes safer. They look good, are simple to set up and have excellent features that give many people peace of mind. When picking a security camera, it’s important to know if it can deal with rain or other weather. In this article, we’re going to look into whether Blink cameras are waterproof, giving you all the details you need to know before you decide to get one.

What’s the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-resistant?

Before we discuss Blink cameras in detail, it’s important to understand the difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant.” People often use these words interchangeably, but they don’t.

“Waterproof” means that something can completely keep water out, no matter what. If a camera is truly waterproof, you can put it underwater, and it won’t get damaged.

“Water-resistant” means that something can deal with a bit of water or moisture, but it’s not sealed against water. Water-resistant cameras can be okay in light rain, or if they get splashed, but if they’re in the water for too long or get dunked, they could get damaged.

Blink is a well-liked brand famous for its clever security cameras. It also has a bunch of outdoor cameras made to handle different kinds of weather. Although they’re not called “waterproof,” Blink cameras are made to resist weather and water.

They’re built tough with rubber seals and strong materials to withstand rain, snow, and dampness. They’re designed to meet industry standards for weather protection, so you can feel confident about using them outside.

Buying waterproof Blink cameras has many perks. First, being waterproof means they’ll keep working perfectly even when the weather is terrible. Whether it pours, snows, or gets hot, these cameras will still give you explicit videos and keep an eye on things accurately.

Plus, making them waterproof makes the cameras last longer and more durable. They’re protected from getting wet and other weather, making them less likely to get damaged. This means your Blink cameras will last a long time, making your money well spent.

Waterproof means you can put the cameras anywhere outside without stressing about them getting damaged by rain or snow. This lets you watch over a larger area and ensure there are no hidden spots that could make your place less safe.

Waterproof Blink cameras are great, but it’s important to know what they can’t do. One big thing is that even though they’re waterproof, you should only put them underwater for a short time. They’re made to handle rain or splashes, not to be used for watching things underwater.

Also, bad weather like hurricanes or super strong storms could be challenging for any outdoor camera, including the waterproof ones. Blink cameras are made to deal with many weather situations, but they might need some help if the weather is too extreme. It’s a good idea to think about these things and do what you can to keep your cameras working well, no matter the weather.

To get the best out of your waterproof Blink cameras, try these handy tips:

👉 Ensure they’re well installed and pointed right to watch the desired areas. This means keeping them clear of anything that might block the view and tweaking their sensitivity so they work as well as possible.

👉 Keep them clean and check them now and then for dirt, leaves, or spider webs that could interfere with their performance. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the lens and outside part gently so your videos stay sharp and clear.

Comparison with Non-Waterproof Cameras

When you compare waterproof Blink cameras to ones that aren’t waterproof, you see how much better they are for outdoor use. Cameras that can’t handle water aren’t made to deal with weather like rain, moisture, or hot or cold temperatures. If you use these non-waterproof cameras outside, they might also last less long or work.

On the other hand, waterproof Blink cameras mean you don’t have to worry. They keep an eye on things no matter the weather—rain, snow, or scorching sun. They’re built to keep working well constantly, so your place is always being watched.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

There are some myths about waterproof Blink cameras that we should clear up. A big myth is that waterproof cameras look big and not lovely. But Blink cameras show that’s not true. They keep their sleek and small design, even though they’re waterproof.

Another wrong idea is that waterproof cameras are hard to install and start using. But Blink cameras are made to be easy for everyone to install and set up, whether inside or outside.

Real-Life Examples and Testimonials

Lots of people are pleased with their waterproof Blink cameras. For example, John lives near the beach and set up Blink cameras outside his house. His cameras work perfectly despite all the salty air and sometimes heavy rain. They help him feel secure and keep away any unwanted visitors.

A busy mom, Sarah uses waterproof Blink cameras to watch her kids play outside. Even when it rains hard, she can check on them without leaving the house, all because the cameras are waterproof.

Besides being waterproof, it’s also essential to consider how long the battery lasts when picking an outdoor camera. You wouldn’t want to keep changing the batteries in your Blink camera all the time.

Luckily, Blink cameras have technology that doesn’t use a lot of power, so the batteries can last a really long time. Usually, a Blink camera’s battery can last up to two years if you use it normally. This great battery life means you can keep an eye on things without stopping and won’t have to change the batteries too often.

Blink cameras are durable and weatherproof, with wireless capabilities for easy installation outdoors. No complicated wiring is needed, making them convenient for use in different locations.

Blink cameras use a wireless connection to talk to your home network and send video to your devices. This makes it easy to set up and lets you place the cameras wherever you want.


Blink cameras are waterproof, which makes them great for watching over both the inside and outside of your place. Their ability to keep out water, excellent features, and simple setup make them a solid pick for keeping your property safe. With Blink cameras, you can trust that they’ll last a long time and handle different weather well.

Can Blink cameras be submerged underwater?

Blink cameras are not meant for underwater use. They can handle rain and splashes but avoid submerging them for a long time.

Are Blink cameras resistant to extreme temperatures? 

Blink cameras work best in temperatures from -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). If it gets too hot or cold, the cameras may also not work.

Can Blink cameras be installed in any location? 

Because blink cameras are waterproof, they can be placed in different places. However, it’s important to consider the surroundings and follow the instructions for the best results.

Do Blink cameras require any additional protective housing for outdoor use? 

Blink cameras are waterproof and don’t need extra protection. They can be installed outside as is.

Can Blink cameras record during power outages? 

Blink cameras rely on batteries for power and continue operating during power outages. However, if the Wi-Fi connection is lost during an outage, the cameras may only be able to send live footage once the connection is restored.

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