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AI in Education: Making Learning Easier & Smarter

Learning has always been essential to humans, and now, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, education is easier and better than ever.

AI helps in many ways, such as offering tailored learning, finding copied work, and providing round-the-clock tutoring for students and teachers.

We’ve compiled a list of companies using AI to improve education.

17 AI in Education Examples

  • Age of Learning
  • Duolingo
  • Blue Canoe
  • Carnegie Learning
  • Cognii
  • Knewton
  • Quizlet
  • Riiid Labs


How Skillsoft uses AI in education:

Skillsoft offers training and skill-building products for businesses in many fields. Their Percipio platform uses AI to suggest personalized courses and learning activities. They also have a tool called CAISY, an AI conversation simulator, which helps people improve their business communication skills.

Blueprint Test Prep

How Blueprint Test Print uses AI in education:

Blueprint Test Prep is an online platform that helps students study for extensive tests like the MCAT and LSAT. They have created an AI tutor that’s always available to help with the reading and reasoning part of the MCAT. This tutor is smart enough to adjust to each student’s learning needs. Plus, Blueprint provides a unique question bank powered by AI. This tool picks out questions and gives study tips based on what the student is good at and what they need to work on.

 Age of Learning, Inc. 

How Age of Learning uses AI in education:

Age of Learning offers math, reading, and basic literacy programs for pre-K to 2nd grade kids. They use AI to make learning fun and interactive, tailoring the content to each student’s abilities. Besides learning at home, Age of Learning also provides math and reading lessons for schools.


How Duolingo uses AI in education: 

Duolingo’s app helps people learn more than 40 languages worldwide through listening, reading, and speaking activities. It uses AI to adjust the difficulty and speed of lessons based on how each student is doing. Duolingo also has a version for schools and a math education app called Duolingo Math.


How Nuance uses AI in education: 

Nuance creates software that can understand and write down what you say, capturing up to 160 words every minute. This tool is excellent for students who find writing challenging or need help moving around. It also helps them improve their spelling and word recognition. Teachers use this software to record their lectures for future use or to speed up tasks like making documents and emails.

Amira Learning

How Amira Learning uses AI in education: 

Amira Learning is an app designed to help young kids better understand what they read. It uses AI to listen to kids read stories out loud, check their reading skills, and find out what they need to work on. Amira also offers tools for teachers and parents, like reports on student performance and checks to see if a child might have dyslexia.


How Blippar uses AI in education: 

Blippar’s tools use intelligent computer vision and augmented reality to make classroom learning more interactive. They turn subjects such as geography, biology, and physics into visual experiences. For instance, rather than just reading about a volcanic eruption, students can see a 3D model of how it happens right before them.

Blue Canoe

How Blue Canoe uses AI in education: 

Blue Canoe is an app that acts like a personal English teacher, helping students improve their spoken English. It listens to how you talk using speech recognition technology and then gives you feedback on pronouncing certain letters or sounds better. The app has many different ways to practice, no matter your skill level, including games and complete conversations.

Carnegie Learning

How Carnegie Learning uses AI in education: 

Carnegie Learning uses AI and machine learning to make subjects like math, English, and world languages easier to understand for high school and college students. Their systems use intelligent AI that learns from each student’s habits to create a learning experience that’s just right for them, helping them understand lessons better.

Century Tech

How Century Tech uses AI in education: 

Century Tech’s platform uses brain science and data analysis to create custom learning plans, making teachers’ jobs easier. It monitors students’ progress and where they’re struggling, suggests what to study next, and gives feedback. Century also helps teachers by providing materials and cutting down the time they spend on planning, grading, and handling homework.


How Cognii uses AI in education: 

Cognii creates AI tools for schools, colleges, and companies that train employees. Its virtual assistant talks to students, helping them with answers that boost their thinking skills. This assistant gives instant feedback and personal tutoring and adjusts to each student’s needs.

Kidaptive, Inc.

How Kidaptive uses AI in education: 

Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) uses AI to help schools better understand students and keep them interested in learning. This platform uses AI to figure out the best way to teach and challenge each student based on what they’re good at and what they need to improve. It can also help students guess what they might do in the future by looking at patterns in their learning.


How Knewton uses AI in education: 

Knewton has developed an alternative technology that adapts to college students’ learning needs. Alta figures out what students need to learn, gives them the proper lessons to fill those gaps, and helps them prepare for college-level classes. It also allows teachers to cater to students at various learning stages. Currently, alta is used in biology, math, psychology, and other fields.

Querium Corporation

How Querium Corporation uses AI in education: 

Querium uses AI to offer personalized tutoring in STEM subjects for high school and college students. It looks at how students answer questions and how long they take in tutoring sessions. This helps Querium’s AI provide teachers with information about a student’s study habits and suggest areas where the student can improve.


How Quizlet uses AI in education: 

Quizlet is a website where you can find study materials and tools. In 2017, they launched Quizlet Learn, an intelligent tool that creates personalized study plans. It uses machine learning and information from millions of study sessions to suggest the best study content for students.

Riiid Labs

How Riiid Labs uses AI in education: 

Riiid Labs, part of Riiid, develops AI tools for learning and testing that can be added to current apps or used independently. Their technology uses machine learning to help teachers monitor how students are doing and how engaged they are, score assignments automatically, and tailor the learning material for each student’s needs.

Thinkster Math

How Thinkster uses AI in education: 

Thinkster is a math tutoring program on laptops, tablets, and desktops. It’s designed for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. This platform uses a mix of real people and AI to create personalized student learning plans. It follows students’ work, showing them why their answers are correct or how they can improve.

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