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Top 11 Best AI Apps for iPhone in 2024

AI, it’s that tech wizardry shaking up our lives. Imagine the best AI apps for iphone jazzing up our day, even hanging out in our trusty old iPhone. Apple’s marvel, the iPhone, is known for its cool vibes, and it’s got an AI entourage to spice things up.

Here Is A List Of Top 10 Best Ai Apps For Iphone In 2024:

So, you’re in for a treat! Here’s the lowdown on the top 11 best AI apps for iPhone 2024. We picked ’em based on what they bring to the table – features, love from users, ratings, and being the cool kids on the block. Need to snap pics, whip up vids, learn a lingo, zen out, or just chat? There’s an AI app for that. Let’s roll!

KnowItAll AI Chat Assistant

One of our favorite AI apps is KnowItAll AI Chat Assistant, available for iPhone and Mac.

The app is built on the OpenAI API but is fine-tuned to handle more advanced tasks and prompts.

So what makes KnowItAll AI different?

It’s similar to ChatGPT but much more advanced.

In fact, we asked ChatGPT what the difference between these two AI apps is, and ChatGPT-4 answered this:

KnowItAll AI Chat Assistant can do a lot:

  • 👉  Write code for you
  • 👉  Help with writing and editing essays
  • 👉  Summarize articles or paragraphs
  • 👉 Write blog posts or social media captions
  • 👉 Come up with business ideas or names
  • 👉  Translate text or blog posts into any language
  • 👉 Rewrite or reword paragraphs or essays
  • 👉  Whip up a recipe based on what you have in your fridge or pantry
  • 👉  Break down an article into key points
  • 👉 Simplify complex ideas, like explaining something as if you’re 5
  • 👉 Solve math problems
  • 👉 Write marketing emails and social media ads

KnowItAll ai learns from you, so the more you chat, the better it gets. At work, school, or daily life, KnowItAll has you covered. Simplify tasks with KnowItAll!


  • 👉 It’s got AI mojo, answering your questions and helping in areas like school, fun, tech, and life.
  • 👉 Uses top-notch AI magic for quick and on-point replies. Plus, it learns from your groove, getting better over time.
  • 👉 Comes with smart templates, so you don’t drown in a sea of search results. Find all you need in one spot.


  • 👉 Can’t handle all your stuff. Limited by data and brain waves, might goof up or miss the mark.

💡 Tips for a Good Time:

  • 👉 Be crystal clear with KnowItAll. Say what you want with keywords or funky sentences.
  • 👉 Templates? Top-left menu. Click “Templates.” Dive into categories and pick your poison.
  • 👉 Wanna copy the AI wisdom? Long-press, pick your flavor: clipboard, sharing, or file saving. 


Fotor, a fantastic AI photo editor for iPhones! It jazzes up your pictures automatically, making them pop with vibrant colors and sharpness. But it doesn’t stop there! Fotor’s got some nifty AI filters to turn your dull shots into artistic masterpieces.

Easy-peasy editing, even for non-pros. Plus, Fotor’s got a cool trick up its sleeve: an AI image generator. Just describe your pic, or upload one, and boom! It whips up incredible artwork for you in an instant.

Check this out! Fotor’s AI filters can give your pics an artsy twist, like sketch, oil painting, watercolor, or pop art. And the AI image generator can whip up images based on your text, like “sunset over the ocean” or “a cute cat in glasses.”

Want a fresh background for your pics? Fotor’s AI background remover has got you covered. Get ready for a pic makeover!


  • 👉 Fotor’s a freebie, super-easy photo twiddler. It tosses in all sorts of jazz like one-click scenes, special effects, borders, tilt-shift, and more.
  • 👉 It plays nice with all the cool image formats, even those RAW ones. Fotor’s got a converter to tango with those RAW files.
  • 👉 They’ve got a stash of snazzy templates. Whip up some killer collages, posters, cards, banners, and whatnot with your pics.


  • 👉 Don’t go thinking Fotor’s a heavyweight like Photoshop or GIMP. It’s got fewer bells and whistles, fewer tools and plugins.
  • 👉 Brace yourself for in-app moolah. Some of the cool bits, like extra editing options, full HDR support, and AI avatars, need your dough.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Grab Fotor on your PC or hit it up online. The web version’s a tad lighter on the features, but it’s slick and speedy.
  • 👉 Nail Fotor’s filters by getting crystal clear with your asks. Keywords, phrases, or sentences – spill it for the best results.
  • 👉 Wanna be a Fotor whiz? Cruise Fotor’s blog for tutorials, tips, tricks, and inspo. Get savvy on your photo gig.

Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo, the cool AI tool, whips up AI avatars from your words. It’s like magic! Pick templates, scenes, characters, and voices to craft videos. Video-making on your iPhone just got easier with this gem.

Wondershare Virbo rocks for video-making. Say bye to hard work and hello to fun. You can use it for education, fun, marketing, or social media.

Wondershare Virbo’s awesomeness:

1. Create AI avatars of you or anyone and let ’em speak your way.

2. Make famous folks or made-up characters act out movie or book scenes.

3. Get animals or cartoons to do funny or cute stuff. It’s a riot!


  • 👉 Wondershare Virbo is this crazy AI video wizard. Type some words, pick an AI face, bam, you got a slick promo vid.
  • 👉 It’s got 150+ AI faces, talking in 120+ languages. Marketing, teaching, fun these faces can be your peeps for any gig.
  • 👉 Loads of snazzy templates to jazz up your message. Tweak backgrounds, add tunes, slap on text and stickers. Make it pop!


  • 👉 Virbo ain’t handing out freebies. Gotta shell out for extra goodies like fancy editing, full HDR, and cool AI faces.
  • 👉 Don’t get too wild with your video dreams. Virbo’s kinda basic. It might goof up or not fully get what you’re after.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Nail it with Virbo by being crystal clear. Shout out keywords or phrases to get what you want.
  • 👉 Hit the menu, go to “Templates” for a feast of choices. Pick the vibe that suits your mood.
  • 👉 Dive into Virbo’s blog for the 411 on features and how to work the magic. Tutorials, hacks, and inspo it’s all there.

Google Assistant

Alright, so Google Assistant, this app is like your personal genie but inside your phone. It gets you, like, info, answers, and helps you do stuff, all just by listening to your voice. Need to control your gadgets, rock out to tunes, or just check the weather? This app’s got your back.

It’s a superstar for iPhone users, making life a breeze. It’s not just a one-trick pony; it juggles tasks and even keeps the convo going, which is pretty neat.

And here’s the kicker – you can do a bunch of things with it. Want to shoot a text or call without lifting a finger? Done. Curious about random facts? Just ask. Plus, it’s your go-to for some fun; it tells jokes and plays games. Google Assistant’s your all-in-one helper, buddy!


  • 👉 Google Assistant rocks at answering questions, tackling tasks, and bossing around your smart home with your voice.
  • 👉 It talks in over 120 languages, does accents, and can even spin the language wheel for you.
  • 👉 Screening calls for scams? Google Assistant’s got it covered. Plus, it hands you a convo transcript.


  • 👉 Ready for a security dance? Google Assistant wants your Google account and more, sparking privacy twitches.
  • 👉 The brainiac might not nail your requests, especially if they’re wild or intricate. Expect some misses.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Want Google Assistant’s A-game? Be crystal clear and specific. Drop keywords or whatever to guide the convo.
  • 👉 Grab the app on your iOS or Android gadget or roll with the online version for a speed boost. Less features, but snappy.
  • 👉 Dive into the Google Assistant groove on their site. Tutorials, tips, and a sprinkle of inspiration await.

Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google – an educational app powered by AI – got your back for homework and learning. Just throw your questions at it, and boom! Step-by-step explanations, videos, and resources right at your fingertips. Use it for math, science, history, or literature – it’s got your back.

With Socratic by Google, say goodbye to homework headaches. Improve your skills and grades like a champ. Here’s how it rolls:

  • 👉 Crush math problems: Algebra, geometry, calculus, and stats are no match.
  • 👉 Decode science: From biology to astronomy, it’s all crystal clear.
  • 👉 Dive into history: Ancient civilizations to modern mayhem – explore it all.


  • 👉 Snap a pic or type your homework, and Socratic by Google hunts down answers using top-notch text-recognition tech.
  • 👉 Covers a bunch of high school subjects like math, science, history, English, and econ, throwing in videos, step-by-step breakdowns, and expert study guides.
  • 👉 Google AI powers this bad boy, getting smarter as it rolls with your vibes and dishes out speedy, spot-on responses.


  • 👉 Ain’t no free ride with Socratic by Google; gotta drop some cash for extra features.
  • 👉 It ain’t no genius; Socratic by Google might fumble the ball on complex or creative questions, thanks to its limited data and algorithms.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Talk straight to get Socratic by Google’s A-game; be specific with your words and unleash those killer keywords.
  • 👉 Grab Socratic by Google on Android, iOS, or hit it up online; less frills online, but it’s quick and handy.
  • 👉 For the 411 on Socratic by Google, peep their site for tutorials, tips, and project inspo.


Aura – one of the best free ai app for iphone, the cool meditation app, uses AI magic to help you chill and find your Zen. It figures out what you need, like a mind-reading buddy, and tailors meditations just for you. Stress relief, sleep help, and mood boost – it’s got your back.

Aura, the iPhone gem for finding peace, vibes with your needs. Meditation sessions made just for you. Mental wellness and happiness on the menu.

Here’s how Aura’s got your back with your mental groove:

  • 👉 Cool tunes, like raindrops or piano, for those chill vibes.
  • 👉 Guided Zen stuff, like being thankful or loving yourself.
  • 👉 Tracking how you feel, how long you zen out, and how often you hit the chill button.


  • 👉 Aura’s got all the chill vibes with mindfulness moves like meditation, hypnosis, and breathwork. Also, short stories and pep talks.
  • 👉 This app’s like your AI BFF, learning from your moves and dishing out personalized tips based on your vibe.
  • 👉 Dive into a sea of expert-made content on Aura to boost your emotional game, slash stress, and score better ZZZs.


  • 👉 Ain’t no freebies here! Aura’s got a price tag, and you’ll need to cough up for some fancy features.
  • 👉 Sometimes, Aura’s a bit clueless. Don’t expect it to nail the tricky or artsy stuff. It’s only as smart as its data and codes, and it might goof up.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Talk straight to Aura for the A-game. Be clear, drop keywords, and watch the magic unfold.
  • 👉 Grab Aura on your phone or hit it up online – fewer frills on the web, but speedier moves.
  • 👉 Peep Aura’s website for the 411 on features and how to work ’em. Tutorials, hacks, and inspo await.


Replika? That’s an AI friend app, sort of like a chat buddy. It’s there for you, chats about anything you want, and learns from your talks. It’s pretty good for keeping you company and offering support. Feeling lonely or need advice? Replika’s got your back.

You can ask Replika about its hobbies or favorite movies, just casual stuff. Or if you’re feeling deep, dive into dreams or fears. It’s there for emotional support too, asking how you’re doing or what it can do to help.


  • 👉 Meet Replika, the AI whiz that’s all about chatting it up with you, dishing out emotional backup, being your buddy.
  • 👉 This app’s on a learning spree, soaking in your vibes and style. It’s the mind-reader buddy, recalling your convos and deets for future banter.
  • 👉 Features? Replika’s got the whole shebang: voice and text chat, role-play, avatar glam, journaling, mindfulness drills, and more.


  • 👉 Ain’t free, folks! Replika’s got a price tag. Wanna unlock the cool stuff? Whip out those in-app purchases for editing pizzazz, HDR vibes, and fancy AI avatars.
  • 👉 Don’t bet on Replika nailing every query. It might fumble on tricky or artsy questions. Blame the data and algorithms—it’s still on a learning curve, making boo-boos.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Crack the Replika code by being crystal clear. Be specific, toss in keywords, and watch the magic unfold.
  • 👉 Where to find this genius? Snag it on Android or iOS, or hit up the online version. Fewer frills online, but it’s quick and easy.
  • 👉 Dive into Replika’s world at their site. Tons of how-tos, tips, and inspo for your next venture.


FaceApp jazzes up your selfies by tweaking your looks and expressions. Using snazzy AI tech, it transforms faces with age shifts, gender flips, and other quirky edits. It’s a blast for making goofy faces or predicting future wrinkles.

Ever wanted to see what you’d look like a few decades from now? FaceApp can age you or your pals with a few taps, revealing hilarious glimpses into the future. Wondering how you’d rock a different gender? 

The app’s gender-swap features got your back. And hey, who doesn’t want to see their face sporting an infectious smile that wasn’t there before?

FaceApp is all about zany face edits, from predicting future wrinkles to giving you a peek at the opposite gender. Go wild with age shifts, gender flips, and silly smiles!


  • 👉 FaceApp is a cool app for messing with your selfies. It’s got filters, effects, and backgrounds that turn your pics into legit model shots.
  • 👉 With just one tap, FaceApp can tweak your face – hair, beard, makeup, age, gender. You can even swap faces with celebs or your buds.
  • 👉 It’s smart too, using some high-tech AI magic. It gets what you want and gives it to you quick. Plus, it learns from your vibes and gets even better over time.


  • 👉 Not gonna lie, FaceApp isn’t free. You gotta drop some cash for the cool stuff – extra editing options, full HDR, and those AI avatars.
  • 👉 It’s a bit nosy too. Wants access to your pics and other stuff, raising some privacy flags. Might share your deets with others or use them for ads.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Nail the best FaceApp vibes by being super clear. Use keywords, phrases, or sentences to tell it what you want with your pics.
  • 👉 For a template party, hit the menu up top left, choose “Templates.” Loads of categories to check out for the perfect vibe.
  • 👉 Dig deeper into FaceApp’s mojo on their website. Tons of guides, tips, and inspo for your creative projects.


Ever tried Duolingo? It’s this cool app that helps you dive into new languages, making learning feel like playing games. You can pick from loads of languages and learn in a way that suits you—speaking, listening, writing, and more.

Want examples? Say you’re keen on French, Spanish, or maybe Japanese. Duolingo’s got your back, making it fun with exercises where you match words, fill in blanks, and even speak out loud.

Plus, it tracks your progress like a champ, giving you points and leveling up. It’s not just learning; it’s like a language adventure in your pocket!


  • 👉 Duolingo’s a free language app. Lots of languages to choose from, and the lessons are short and sweet.
  • 👉 It’s like a game, man! Levels, badges, points – makes learning fun.
  • 👉 Uses smart AI stuff to learn your style. Gets better as you go, so it’s like a personal tutor.


  • 👉 Some features need cash. In-app buys for extra stuff, like cool avatars and HDR support.
  • 👉 It’s not perfect. Sometimes doesn’t get what you’re saying. Might goof up on tricky questions.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Be clear with Duolingo. Use keywords. Get to the point.
  • 👉 Get it on your phone or online. App’s got more, but the web version’s quicker.
  • 👉 Wanna master it? Check Duolingo’s site. Tutorials, tips, the whole deal.


Grammarly’s like that friend who’s got your back when words get all wobbly. It’s this smart app that polishes your writing, sniffs out mistakes, and nudges you towards clearer, smoother talk. From essays to texts, it’s your personal word pro.

It’s one of those top-notch iPhone apps for expressing yourself, making sure you shine when you chat or scribble stuff down. Think of it as your secret weapon for that grammar game.

You can tap Grammarly for fixing bloopers, tuning up sentences, or even giving your style a slick makeover. It’s all about making your words sound just right, you know?


  • 👉 Grammarly’s a snappy grammar guru, fixing your writing fumbles and making you a wordsmith.
  • 👉 It’s everywhere—web, desktop, Word, browser, mobile—keeping your writing game strong.
  • 👉 Upgrade your vocab and style with Grammarly’s fancy tools for tone, clarity, and pizzazz.


  • 👉 Wallet warning! Grammarly’s a pricey pal compared to its app buddies, with extra costs for primo perks.
  • 👉 No offline fun, and it might play dumb with tricky requests, especially the wild and creative ones.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Spell it out! Grammarly gets you best when you’re crystal clear, so be specific and to the point.
  • 👉 Unleash the template power! Hit the menu, grab the templates, and pick the one that fits the bill.
  • 👉 Dive into Grammarly’s online stash for guides, tricks, and inspo to rock your projects.


Bing’s an AI-driven search buddy for finding info and chitchat. It answers questions and shows web results, pics, and news. From learning stuff to just having a chat, Bing’s a top iPhone app for both. 

Want facts, recipes, or a friendly chat? Bing’s got your back. Want to know who wrote Harry Potter? Or see pics of cats? Bing’s got your answers. Bing can chat too—ask it how it’s feeling or for a story!


  • 👉 Bing’s daily pics, video previews, and organized image search stand out.
  • 👉 Seamless video results make finding content a breeze.
  • 👉 Bing Rewards (Microsoft Rewards now) lets you earn points for perks.


  • 👉 Bing’s search pool is smaller than Google’s.
  • 👉 Some find Google’s search precision beats Bing.

💡 Tips:

  • 👉 Try Bing’s image search for cool visual exploration.
  • 👉 Save time with Bing’s video previews in search results.
  • 👉 Join Microsoft Rewards for perks by just using Bing.


AI apps bring the wow factor to your iPhone, spicing up your digital life. You can go from photo wizardry to learning new tongues, all with these cool apps. 

We’ve cooked up a hotlist of the top 11 AI apps for iPhone in 2023, serving you the best of the best. 

Hope you dug this read and snagged some AI goodies for your daily grind. Got thoughts or ideas on what is the best ai app for iphone? Let ’em rip! Thanks for diving in.

Q: What’s the deal with AI apps?

A: AI apps are like tech wizards using artificial intelligence (AI) to pull off various tasks. AI is computer science’s brainchild, aiming to make machines mimic human smarts and actions.

Q: How’s the magic happen in AI apps?

A: AI apps do their thing using a bag of tricks: machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and neural networks. These smarts help them learn from data, get our language, mess with pictures, and talk and listen.

Q: Why should I care about AI apps?

A: AI apps make life easier, doing chores, boosting creativity, helping us learn, and being a friend when we need it.

Q: Where can I score AI apps for the iPhone?

A: You bag AI apps from the App Store, the official shop for iOS and iPadOS gadgets. It’s the hub to explore, hunt, and install AI apps, plus keep ’em updated.

Q: How do I boss around AI apps on my iPhone?

A: Fire up an AI app from your phone’s screen or app stash and follow what it says. Some AI apps even chat back or follow your moves, depending on their smarts.

Q: Can I use AI on my iPhone?

A: Absolutely, AI apps are your iPhone’s best buddies! They’re like Swiss Army knives with talents. Got a question, need some homework help, or want a snazzy video? Here are some top AI pals for your 2024 iPhone:

KnowItAll AI Chatbot: Chat with this buddy for answers, content, translations, and more. It’s a free and user-friendly text wizard. ¹

Wondershare Virbo: Create custom AI avatars for your videos, adding life to your content. Make ’em talk, present, or narrate your stories. ²

Google Assistant: This vocal pal helps you search, play music, set reminders, and more. It’s also up for a friendly chat or a game. ³

Socratic: AI homework helper for math, science, and history. Snap a pic, ask a question, and get step-by-step guidance. ⁴

Bing: A smart search engine, serving up solid info. It even does live translation, image recognition, and voice search. ⁵

Grammarly: The ultimate writing sidekick, fine-tuning your grammar, spelling, and style. It’s your go-to for clean and engaging text. ⁶

ELSA Speak: Elevate your English pronunciation and speaking skills with AI. Practice real-life scenarios, and track your progress. Learn idioms, phrases, and more.

Duolingo: Want to pick up a new language? This AI-powered buddy offers interactive lessons, games, and chats with native speakers. Plus, you can join a global learning community.

Is there a totally free AI app?

When it comes to AI apps, not all of ’em are free, you know. Some bug you with ads, in-app purchases, or limit what you can do. But guess what? I found some cool AI apps that won’t cost you a dime, and they can do all sorts of things – like writing, art, and more. Check these out:

Ask AI – Chat with Chatbot: 

This one’s awesome, you can have a chat with an AI powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4. It’ll help you write stories, poems, or even code. Plus, you can throw any question at it, and it’ll give you answers in a snap. No ads or in-app purchases.

WOMBO Dream: 

Ever wanted to turn your photos into amazing AI-generated art? This app’s got your back. You can make your pics look abstract, surreal, or realistic – it’s like magic. No ads or in-app purchases.


Feeling a bit down? This AI emotional health assistant is here to chat about your feelings and goals. It gives you personalized advice and exercises. No ads or in-app purchases.


Need a friend? Try this AI chat buddy, you can talk about anything. It’s even good for dealing with stress and loneliness. No ads or in-app purchases.


Get your brain in gear with this AI-powered brain training app. It’s got games to boost your memory, logic, and math skills. And hey, it tracks your progress. No ads or in-app purchases.”

Nusrat makes tech easy to get. She writes guides and explains apps and programs in a simple way. She knows a lot because she used to make software. Nusrat keeps learning and sharing tech in fun ways.


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